What can mindfulness do for your business?

All organisations can benefit from employees who are healthy, resilient, focused, and who deliver excellent job performance. Read more to learn how mindfulness can help your business.

Job Performance

Employees who are more mindful at work perform better, even when other factors like years of work experience are considered. Research has linked mindfulness to enhanced goal-attainment behaviour, working memory and cognitive attention. This means that mindful workers are more likely to be better at meeting their goals and staying focused for longer.

Interpersonal Relationships and Team Performance

Compassion and empathy are a key component of mindfulness practices – and leaders who are more empathic are rated as better leaders by their teams. Mindful individuals are also able to respond more constructively when experiencing conflict, and are better able to convey their emotions to others.

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Mindfulness can help to lower emotional exhaustion levels (which is a key component of burnout). Research in this area has linked the practice of mindfulness with significant improvements in general health, along with reductions in stress and anxiety. Mindful employees are  less reactive to stress, which means that they more resilient in stressful situations.

References and Further Reading

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