Future-proof employees who thrive in the face of change.

Our comprehensive programmes are designed to foster resilience, spark innovation, and instill confidence in navigating the complexities of an ever-changing world.

Data-driven. Evidence-based. Human-focused.

Sustainable ROI

with employees that are more

Invested. Positive. Involved. Productive.

Our Method

Leading-edge mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology.

Backed by science

Scientific research evidence supports the theory that mindfulness practices contribute towards and accelerate the process of neuroplasticity. Our team of experts and content developers curate programmes that translate science into practical knowledge and tools to upgrade the mind as well as improve lives.

Integrated learning

Our programmes blend live teaching with online mentoring and digital tools that put greater resilience, enhanced well-being and increased access to innovation in your colleague’s stress management tool-kit.

Data, data and more data

We measure everything we do. We’re able to prove an average 11% increase in happiness after only 7 weeks in one of our programmes. Our dedicated team of researchers and analysts allow us to offer you pre- and post-assessments results, ROI evaluation, and detailed reporting on key metrics, like employee productivity.

Human to human connection

As humans, building strong, meaningful connections are essential for our mental and emotional health. Feeling a sense of belonging and support can significantly reduce our stress levels and boost our mood. It starts “at the top”, the leader who prioritises their self-care is able to extend this compassion to their colleagues and encourage it in others.

Our Results

After only 7 weeks of training, attendees show significant improvement on all scales of wellbeing.

Overall client satisfaction percentage:


Participant approval rating:


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Our Clients

Forward-thinking organisations measurably improving their colleagues wellbeing.

Client Testimonials

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Mindful Revolution offers a variety of field-proven programmes and bespoke trainings tailored to your needs.

All projects that we deliver will always include one or more of the following core offerings:


Inspired by neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness-based training. Our trained facilitators provide accessible theory, simple practices and lasting support that enables colleagues to manage their mental wealth and holistic wellbeing.
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Let's Talk

Podcast style interaction, often with colleagues as guest designed to make holistic wellbeing topics acceptable through the sharing of stories and experiences.
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Embark on a well-being expedition tailored for intimate groups where colleagues will learn practical, science-based techniques designed to elevate empathy towards self and others as well as upgrade the mind.
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Wellness Pathways

Customized Wellness Pathways for a Thriving Workplace
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Pro Active Mental Wellness Teacher Training

Become a mental health champion fostering safe spaces within your organisation by enhancing your skills with this accredited training customised for wellness ambassadors. The programme includes live evaluations and 200 hours of practice, culminating in a recognized certificate of accomplishment.
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Mental Wellbeing Partners

Human capital professionals are best placed to respond to mental health in the workplace. This programme is focused on providing support in the workplace through adapted mental wellbeing training, webinars and resources.
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Wellness Pathways

Customised Wellness Pathways for a Thriving Workplace