Wellness Pathways

Customized Wellness Pathways for a Thriving Workplace

The Context

Mental health impediments cost the global economy R19 trillion per year in lost productivity (WHO, 2019).

1 in 5 employees experience mental health challenges, impacting their work performance (NIMH, 2021).

Traditional one-size-fits-all wellness programmes fail to address the unique needs of employees with varying levels of work-related well-being obstacles.

Our Solution

Introducing “Customised Wellness Pathways” – a revolutionary pathways-based wellness programme designed to support your employees’ mental wellbeing and enhance their work experience. Our tailored approach recognises that every individual’s journey to mental wellbeing is unique. We provide personalised support to help your employees thrive both personally and professionally.

Customised Wellness Pathways

Individuals Journey

The Wellbeing Benchmark (WWB) Survey

The first step in our programme is the Wellbeing Benchmark (Work Related Well-Being survey) survey – a 10-minute assessment that helps us understand each employee’s current level of energy, motivation as well as overall work-related wellbeing. The survey results are confidential and serve as a starting point for their personalised wellness journey.

Eight Blueprints

Based on the WWB survey results, each employee is assigned one of eight Blueprints that best reflects their current work-related wellbeing.

The Champion

Passionate, eager, and embraces change

The Devotee

Devoted, engaged, but may experience external stressors

The Accelerator

Identifies with work, but at risk of losing motivation

The Tired Enthusiastic

Proud of work, but may lack energy or resources

The Buffer

Sees work as necessary, but not inspiring

The Dismayed

Indifferent or skeptical, with lower enthusiasm due to stress

The Distracted

Bored, distant, and uninspired

The Autopilot

Distant, run-down, and struggling with work quality and quantity

Customised 11-Week Plan

Once an employee is assigned their Blueprint, they are invited to join a specific, customised 11-week plan based on their unique work-related well-being levels.

Four Streams

Each stream offers tailor-made tips, tools, and practices to support employees on their wellness journey.

Four Streams

The 11-week plan for The Champions and The Devotees features weekly webinars covering the basics of creating a happier, healthier life. Topics include understanding presence, igniting creative thinking, supporting restorative sleep, practicing gratitude, and more. Participants receive weekly emails with supplementary materials, tips, and exercises found on the remind app to reinforce the concepts covered in the sessions.

The 11-week plan for The Accelerators and The Tired Enthusiastic focuses on enhancing wellbeing and managing stress. Webinars cover topics such as identifying sources of stress, building a support network, practicing mindfulness, igniting creative problem-solving, and building resilience. Participants receive weekly emails with additional resources found on the remind app and are encouraged to seek professional assistance if stress symptoms persist.

The 11-week plan for The Buffers and The Dismayed aims to enhance work engagement and manage stress. Webinars cover topics like identifying sources of lower work engagement, communicating effectively with managers, developing stress management techniques, cultivating gratitude, and practicing self-care. Participants receive weekly emails with supplementary materials found on the remind app and are advised to consult professionals if symptoms of stress or unhappiness persist.

The 11-week plan for The Distracted (or Diverted) and The Autopilots focuses on addressing the causes of distraction, managing burnout risks, and improving overall work-related wellbeing. Webinars cover topics such as maintaining focus, increasing enthusiasm, communicating with managers, understanding burnout, practicing mindfulness as well as visualising a positive future. Participants receive weekly emails with additional resources found on the remind app and are advised to seek support if burnout symptoms persist.

Customised 11-Week Plan

Scientific framework

The PERMA model, developed by positive psychologist Martin Seligman, is a comprehensive framework for understanding and cultivating well-being. It consists of five core elements: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. By addressing each of these elements, individuals can improve their overall well-being, resilience, and life satisfaction.

Throughout the development of the customised wellness pathways for each blueprint, the PERMA model has been thoughtfully incorporated to ensure that the unique needs and challenges of each group are addressed. By tailoring the content and order of the webinars to the specific characteristics of each blueprint, participants can effectively enhance their well-being and work-related satisfaction.

In every stream, the webinars focus on fostering positive emotions, promoting mindfulness and engagement, building supportive relationships, finding meaning and purpose, and celebrating accomplishments. By providing targeted strategies and techniques that align with the PERMA model, individuals in each blueprint can develop the skills and mindset necessary to thrive both personally and professionally.

The PERMA model’s effectiveness lies in its holistic approach to well-being, recognising that each element contributes to an individual’s overall sense of fulfilment and happiness. By incorporating this model into the customised wellness pathways, organisations can support their employees’ mental health and well-being, leading to increased engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Reassessment and Continuation

In Week 12, employees complete the WWB survey once more to assess their progress. Based on the results, they either move into a new stream or continue in their current one, and the 12-week process is repeated. This ongoing support ensures that employees continue to receive the personalised guidance required to maintain and enhance their mental wellbeing.


By offering Mindful Revolution’s “Customised Wellness Pathways,” your organisation demonstrates its commitment to employee holistic welfare and creates a more positive, productive work environment. This innovative approach empowers your colleagues to take control of their mental health, leading to improved work-related wellbeing, increased engagement, and enhanced overall job satisfaction. Investing in your employees’ mental health lays the foundation for long-term organisational success.


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