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Revitalize Your Workplace with remind

A striking 84% now prioritize wellbeing over career advancement, according to Deloitte’s Wellbeing at Work Survey. With job dissatisfaction on the rise, employees across the spectrum, including 60% of staff, 64% of managers, and a notable 75% of C-suite leaders, are considering a switch to enhance their wellbeing.

remind is your answer to the growing need for workplace wellness. It is designed to elevate your company’s productivity and employee health, placing you at the forefront of the wellbeing movement.

Features of remind:

  • Engaging live Workshops & Masterclasses: Live and diverse in timing to fit all schedules.
  • Extensive Pre-recorded Library: On-demand content for varied interests.
  • Audio Journaling: Promote regular mental health check-ins.
  • Outlook Integration: Book mental health breaks as easily as meetings.

Choose remind for a healthier, more engaged, and productive workplace. Embrace the future where mental wellbeing is central to success.

The Mental Wellbeing Partners Programme is focused on providing support to your workplace through adapted mental wellbeing training, webinars and resources, which influence individual and systemic drivers of people’s wellbeing in workplaces and creates sustained change to the way people experience their world of work.

We offer mental wellbeing programmes for leadership and HR professionals to empower them to take care of their wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of their employees. No matter which sector you are in, we will partner with you to provide the best programme for your bespoke needs.

Human Capital Programme

♦ Target audience: HC practitioners in business who, by virtue of their role, are exposed to dealing with mental health and other personal challenges of employees while also managing the demands of their personal and professional lives on their own mental wellbeing

♦ Objective: The programme aims to empower HC to:

  • Assist someone who experiencing any change to their mental wellbeing or in a mental health crisis
  • Create impactful mental wellbeing initiatives in business
  • Develop transformational, future-fit HC skills
  • Respond from an individual, team and organisational perspective
  • Invest in their own mental wellbeing

♦ Duration: 6 weeks (1 hour weekly)

Line Management Programme

♦ Target audience: Line managers who have employees that report to them who, by virtue of their role, have a direct impact on the day-to-day operations of a team. As such, they have the ability to influence individual employee’s experience in the workplace, as well team dynamics and working patterns.

♦ Objective: The programme aims to empower line mangers to:

  • Understand and respond to mental wellbeing in their team
  • Interrogate workplace factors that impact mental wellbeing
  • Develop authentic and compassionate leadership skills
  • Develop psychological safety and trust in their team
  • Address both individual and team factors which may be impacting mental wellbeing
  • Invest in their own mental wellbeing

♦ Duration: 4 weeks (1 hours weekly)

Executive Management Programme

♦ Target audience: Executive committee members, who are responsible for defining the strategic direction of an organisation or business unit, are best positioned to drive the mental wellbeing agenda from the top-down. Exco and senior leadership buy-in is critical for promoting positive mental wellbeing throughout an organisation and delegating responsibility to various stakeholders within the organisation to implement this strategic objective

♦ Objective: The aim is to create a community of executive managers who are well-versed in interrogating and implementing mental wellbeing strategies from the top down in their organisation.  And fully understand and own their role in this strategy. The aim of the programme is to empower exco members to:

  • Prioritise mental wellbeing  as an organisational  strategic objective
  • Understand organisational best practice in addressing mental wellbeing
  • Identify internal stakeholders to drive the mental wellbeing agenda
  • Delegate  roll out of mental wellbeing strategic objectives to appropriate stakeholders
  • Bring mental wellbeing to the boardroom table

♦ Duration: 1 session (2 hours)

Bespoke Mental Wellbeing Programme

♦ Target audience: Groups of individuals in any sector who want to empower themselves with mental wellbeing knowledge in order to understand and respond to mental wellbeing in their communities

♦ Objective: The aim of this programme is to create bespoke mental wellbeing programmes based on the target audience and sector  in order to empower them with mental wellbeing skills fit for their purpose and role within their organisation or community. The programme will empower attendees to:

  • Understand and respond to mental wellbeing in their communities
  • Identify people at risk
  • Refer appropriately
  • Invest in their own mental wellbeing 

♦ Duration: Bespoke

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Both remind and Mental Wellbeing Partners can be rolled out as stand-alone programmes or you can add it to any other of our Mindful Revolution core offerings.  

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