Mindful Revolution – About Us

With a great team of diverse professionals we strive to change the perceptions of the Mental Wellbeing landscape and fuel the mindful revolution.

About Mindful Revolution

Founded in 2014, Mindful Revolution operates on the global platform and serves business leaders in Africa, the UK and beyond. 

We are leading the way in building future-fit employees and businesses with proven results in supporting the maintaining mental health. Mindful Revolution contributes to the growing body of research into mindfulness and its applications. 

Our vision is to foster workplace environments where the human resource is prioritized. Mental health challenges are the leading cause of workplace “absence”.

By supporting strategic and holistic well-being initiatives within organizations our aim is to harness the human resource by promoting a safe space for productivity.

Through our vast array of programs, journeys, power plug-in sessions and masterclasses, we assist companies in standing out as well-being champions. 

Welcome to the Mindful Revolution!

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